Menzies offers demolition and concrete disposal at its Mogumber Quarry. Menzies effectively recycles construction and demolition waste. 

Menzies Quarries produces a range of high quality recycled products (WDM) from the received construction & demoltion waste including;

•    Crushed concrete road-base

•    Drainage material

•    Fill sand

These WDM’s are manufactured and tested to meet product and safety specifications determined by the DER and can be tailored to meet specific client requirements. Strict quality controls ensure that our recycled demolition waste products are contaminant free.



A crushed and screened recycled fill sand.  This product is suitable for back filling holes and trenches, and bedding under pavers, slabs and piping. These products offer a cost effective substitute to quarried products that can really offer superior performance when correctly utilized, are environmentally friendly and is an essential addition to allow clients to improve a projects environmental sustainability.



19mm Crushed concrete roadbase made to IPWEA and WALGA Specifications is a concrete blend combined with brick, limestone & general clean rubble. It has a consistent grade, with a density superior to limestone, has excellent water binding and compaction characteristics, and is easy to roll.



20-27mm consisting of the same material as roadbase. This product is suitable for drainage applications such as sub-soil drainage and land drainage.